Collets, Acessories
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600collet set for #8, 8D, 8SJ, 28 and 28SJ Handpiece22
6011/32" collet6
6021/16" collet6
6033/32" collet6
6041/8" collet6
6053mm collet6
440Collet set for #44, 44T, 44HT and 44TSJ Handpiece40
4411/16" collet6
4423/32" collet6
4483mm collet6
4431/8" collet6
4445/32" collet6
4496mm collet6
4471/4" collet6
4453/16" collet6
10177Anvil Point3
10212Carbide stylus29
R15PTPavé Point19.5
103116Collet for #25, 25H, 35 and 35SJ16.5
1031153/32" collet16.5
1031141/8" collet16.5
1031133/16" collet16.5
1031121/4" collet16.5
1031243mm collet16.5
1031264mm collet16.5
1031196mm collet16.5
103000Collet set for #25, 25H, 35 and 35SJ77.5
72Chuck Key2.5
10420Chuck Key Holder0.5
10586Wrench Assy. For handpiece3
67Pin & chuck wrench3
103117Pin & Chuck Wrench3
76Duplex spring4.75
76BDuplex spring pack49
10151Collet for Handpieces Nos. 7, 7D15
7A18CDCollet for Handpieces #7A, 7AD15
MC2MC2 Micro Chuck7.5
G-30G-30 Handpiece grip1.95
AT-1Handpiece tray2.95
CKH-1Chuck key handle8.95
HH-25#HH-25 Handpiece Holder39
HH-30HH-30 Handpiece Holder39
HPL4-3234HPL4-3234 Adapters 1/8" to 1/16"15
HPL4-3235HPL4-3235 Adapters 3mm to 3/32"15
HPL4-3236HPL4-3236 Adapters 1/8" to 3/32"15
G-44G-44 Handpiece grip1.95
HH-35HH-35 Handpiece Holder39
600 SetNo.600 Collets Kit for Air Grinder22
601601 Collet for Air Grinder 1/32"6
602602 Collet for Air Grinder 1/16"6
603603 Collets for Air Grinder 3/32"6
604604 Collets for Air Grinder 1/8"6
605605 Collets for Air Grinder 3mm6

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