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KitRK1Kit RK 1 Ruby Carvers82.5
KitRK2Kit RK 2 Ruby Carvers76.5
KitHK18Kit HK 18 Ruby Carvers76.5
KitHK17Kit HK 17 Ruby Carvers93
KitRK3Kit RK 3 Ruby Carvers65
KitRK4Kit RK 4 Ruby Carvers65
KitHK20Kit HK 20 Ruby Carvers65
KitHK19Kit HK 19 Ruby Carvers65
KitHK21Kit HK21 Diamond Points and Accessories34.5
Kit50Kit 50 Aluminum Oxide Points17.95
Kit150Kit150 Aluminum Oxide Points33
KitHK13Kit HK 13 Aluminum Oxide Points14
Kit170Kit 170 Aluminum Oxide Points24
Kit160Kit 160 Aluminum Oxide Points45
KitHK14Kit HK 14 Aluminum Oxide Points19
Kit85Kit 85 Aluminum Oxide Points23
KitHK3Kit HK 3 Aluminum Oxide Points17
Kit80Kit 80 Aluminum Oxide Points16.65
Kit40Kit 40 Silicon Carbide Points22.75
Kit140Kit 140 Silicon Carbide Points40.75
KitHK12Kit HK 12 Silicon Carbide Points17.5
KitHK2Kit HK 2 Silicon Carbide Points18.5
Kit45Kit 45 Silicon Carbide Points18.5
Kit30Kit 30 Vanadium Steel Cutters and Burs46.8
KitHK4Kit HK 4 Vanadium Steel Cutters and Burs39
Kit60Kit 60 Vanadium Steel Cutters and Burs62.4
KitHK15Kit HK 15 Vanadium Steel Cutters and Burs19.5
Kit65Kit 65 Vanadium Steel Cutters and Burs4.25
Kit860Kit 860 Steel and Carbide Assortment Kits23.5
Kit865Kit 865 Miniature Carbide Burs19.5
Kit870Kit 870 Carbide Engraving Burs14.5
Kit400Kit 400 Carbide Burs67.5
HK85HK85 Carbide Burs60.5
HK87HK87 Carbide Burs68
HK88HK88 Carbide Burs69.95
Kit490Kit 490 Carbide Burs60
Kit410Kit 410 Carbide Burs45
Kit420Kit 420 Carbide Burs92
KitHK5Kit HK 5 Carbide Burs37.5
KitHK6Kit HK 6 Carbide Burs57.5
Kit200Kit 200 Miniature Carbide Burs28.8
KitHK16Kit HK 16 Miniature Carbide Burs28.8
KitHK8Kit HK8 Tungsten Carbide Burs52.5
Kit460Kit460 Tungsten Carbide Burs54
Kit470Kit470 Tungsten Carbide Burs49.5
Kit480Kit480 Tungsten Carbide Burs49.5
Kit 110Kit110 Standard Latch Type Mounted Abrasive Points16.5
Kit 100Kit 100 Standard Latch Type Burs12.5

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