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3/32 in. Vanadium
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85050P85050P Cross Cut Steel (Stump) Burs6.5
85060P85060P Cross Cut Steel (Stump) Burs7.5
85070P85070P Cross Cut Steel (Stump) Burs7.5
85080P85080P Cross Cut Steel (Stump) Burs8.5
86050P86050P Cross Cut Steel (Stump) Burs6.5
86060P86060P Cross Cut Steel (Stump) Burs7.5
86070P86070P Cross Cut Steel (Stump) Burs7.5
86080P86080P Cross Cut Steel (Stump) Burs8.5
87050P87050P Cross Cut Steel (Stump) Burs6.5
87060P87060P Cross Cut Steel (Stump) Burs7.5
87070P87070P Cross Cut Steel (Stump) Burs7.5
87080P87080P Cross Cut Steel (Stump) Burs8.5
88050P88050P Cross Cut Steel (Stump) Burs6.5
88060P88060P Cross Cut Steel (Stump) Burs7.5
88070P88070P Cross Cut Steel (Stump) Burs7.5
88080P88080P Cross Cut Steel (Stump) Burs8.5
89050P89050P Cross Cut Steel (Stump) Burs6.5
89060P89060P Cross Cut Steel (Stump) Burs7.5
89070P89070P Cross Cut Steel (Stump) Burs7.5
89080P89080P Cross Cut Steel (Stump) Burs8.5
90050P90050P Cross Cut Steel (Stump) Burs6.5
90060P90060P Cross Cut Steel (Stump) Burs7.5
AR040PAR040P Coarse Cut Burs3.9
AR045PAR045P Coarse Cut Burs3.9
GR030PGR030P Coarse Cut Burs2.9
GR040PGR040P Coarse Cut Burs3.9
GR045PGR045P Coarse Cut Burs3.9
90070P90070P Cross Cut Steel (Stump) Burs7.5
90080P90080P Cross Cut Steel (Stump) Burs8.5
91050P91050P Cross Cut Steel (Stump) Burs6.5
91060P91060P Cross Cut Steel (Stump) Burs7.5
91070P91070P Cross Cut Steel (Stump) Burs7.5
91080P91080P Cross Cut Steel (Stump) Burs8.5
H030PH030P Knife Edge Cutters3
H040PH040P Knife Edge Cutters4
H050PH050P Knife Edge Cutters5
H060PH060P Knife Edge Cutters5
H070PH070P Knife Edge Cutters5
H080PH080P Knife Edge Cutters5
H090PH090P Knife Edge Cutters8.5
H100PH100P Knife Edge Cutters9
HR030PHR030P Knife Edge Cutters3
HR040PHR040P Knife Edge Cutters4
HR050PHR050P Knife Edge Cutters5
HR060PHR060P Knife Edge Cutters5
HR070PHR070P Knife Edge Cutters5
HR080PHR080P Knife Edge Cutters5
HR090PHR090P Knife Edge Cutters8.5
HR100PHR100P Knife Edge Cutters9
AR030PAR030P Coarse Cut Burs2.9
ZR030PZR030P Coarse Cut Burs2.9
ZR040PZR040P Coarse Cut Burs3.9
ZR045PZR045P Coarse Cut Burs3.9
ZR047PZR047P Coarse Cut Burs3.9
NR030PNR030P Coarse Cut Burs2.9
NR040PNR040P Coarse Cut Burs3.9
NR050PNR050P Coarse Cut Burs3.9
NR060PNR060P Coarse Cut Burs4.9
NR070PNR070P Coarse Cut Burs4.9
NR080PNR080P Coarse Cut Burs4.9
NR090PNR090P Coarse Cut Burs7.9
NR100PNR100P Coarse Cut Burs7.9
123006P123006P Miniature Carbide Burs2.6
123007P123007P Miniature Carbide Burs2.6
123008P123008P Miniature Carbide Burs2.6
123009P123009P Miniature Carbide Burs2.6
123010P123010P Miniature Carbide Burs3.6
123012P123012P Miniature Carbide Burs3.6
123014P123014P Miniature Carbide Burs3.6
123016P123016P Miniature Carbide Burs3.6
123018P123018P Miniature Carbide Burs3.6
123021P123021P Miniature Carbide Burs3.6
123023P123023P Miniature Carbide Burs3.6
150B010P150B010P Miniature Carbide Burs3.6
150B012P150B012P Miniature Carbide Burs3.6
150B014P150B014P Miniature Carbide Burs3.6
124007P124007P Miniature Carbide Burs2.6
124008P124008P Miniature Carbide Burs2.6
124009P124009P Miniature Carbide Burs2.6
124010P124010P Miniature Carbide Burs3.6
124012P124012P Miniature Carbide Burs3.6
124014P124014P Miniature Carbide Burs3.6
124016P124016P Miniature Carbide Burs3.6
130008P130008P Miniature Carbide Burs2.6
130009P130009P Miniature Carbide Burs2.6
130010P130010P Miniature Carbide Burs3.6
130012P130012P Miniature Carbide Burs3.6
130014P130014P Miniature Carbide Burs3.6
130016P130016P Miniature Carbide Burs3.6
125012P125012P Miniature Carbide Burs3.6
150A008P150A008P Miniature Carbide Burs2.6
150A009P150A009P Miniature Carbide Burs2.6
150A010P150A010P Miniature Carbide Burs3.6
150A012P150A012P Miniature Carbide Burs3.6
128010P128010P Miniature Carbide Burs3.6
128012P128012P Miniature Carbide Burs3.6
128014P128014P Miniature Carbide Burs3.6
129008P129008P Miniature Carbide Burs2.6
129009P129009P Miniature Carbide Burs2.6
129010P129010P Miniature Carbide Burs3.6
129012P129012P Miniature Carbide Burs3.6
129014P129014P Miniature Carbide Burs3.6
129016P129016P Miniature Carbide Burs3.6

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