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No Categories Found
SubcategoriesSubcategory Description
1/6 Horsepower CE1/6 Horsepower Ball Bearing Motors - CE Approved
1/8 H. Reversible1/8 Horsepower Reversible Ball Bearing Motors
1/8 Horsepower1/8 Horsepower Ball Bearing Motors
220V Power Cords220/240 Volt Control Power Cords and Plugs
3/32 in. Vanadium3/32 in. Shank Vanadium Steel and Carbide Burs
Abrasive KitsAbrasive Kits
Air FilterAir Filter
Assorted KitsAssorted Kits
BrushesMounted Brushes
Bur HoldersBur Holders
Bur... KitsBurs, Points and Carvers Kits
Carbide BursCarbide Burs
Chamois BuffsChamois Buffs
Collets, AcessoriesHandpieces Collets and Accessories
CompoundsPolishing Compounds
Cut-Off DiscsAbrasive Cut-Off Discs
Denim BuffsDenim Buffs
Diamond PointsDiamond Points and Accessories
Dressing StonesDressing Stones
Drill PressesDrill Presses for Handpieces
Felt BuffsFelt Buffs
Flannel BuffsFlannel (Canton) Buffs
Foot ControlFoot Speed Control
Friction GripFriction Grip Burs and Points - 1/16 in. (1.6mm) Shanks
GrinderBench Grinder and Lathe
Grinder AccessoriesBench Grinder and Lathe Accessories
Grinding StonesAluminum Oxide Grinding Stones
HandpiecesHandpieces for Flexible Shaft Machines
High TorqueHigh Torque Low Speed Ball Bearing Motors
Latch BursLatch Type Burs
Loose BuffsLoose White Muslin Buffs
LubricationLubrication Supplies
MachinistMachinist's Steel Drills
Maintenance KitsMaintenance Kits
Manual ControlManual Speed Control
Motor BrushesMotor Brushes
Motor HangersMotor Hangers and Accessories
Muslin BuffsWhite Muslin Buffs
MX LaminatedMX Laminated Cotton Abrasives
Other HandpiecesOther Handpieces
Other SuppliesOther Supplies
Pol. GrinderBench Lathe and Grinder Accessories
Polishing KitsPolishing Accessories Kits
Power Tool KitsPower Tool Kits
PowerGraverPowerGraver Components
Razor BuffsRazor Edge Cotton Buffs
Red AluminumAluminim Oxide Points - Red
Rubber BondedRubber Bonded Abrasives
Ruby CarversRuby Carvers
Safety GlassesSafety Glasses
SandingSanding Accessories
Series HSupplies for Series H Motors
Series H HandpiecesHandpieces only for Series H Motors
Shafts, SheathsReplacement Shafts and Sheaths
Silicon CarbideSilicon Carbide Points
Slip JointSlip Joint Handpieces for European Machines
Small BuffsSmall Diameter Buffs
Steel CarvingSteel Carving Drills
Step DrillsStep Drills
Stone SettingALLSET Stone Setting Guide
Tool HoldersTool Holders
TungstenTungsten Carbide Burs
TyphoonTyphoon Carbide Burs
VanadiumVanadium Steel Cutters and Burs
VisesMulti-Angle and Mini Vises
White AluminumAluminim Oxide Points - White
Yellow BuffsYellow Treated Cotton Buffs

We sell a large selection of pro

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